We are working hard to reduce risk of COVID in the medical centre.  All patients with possible COVID symptoms are asked to stay at home and book a telephone consultation with their doctor. If you have any COVID symptoms, eg fever, cough, tiredness, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, headaches, body aches or shortness of breath please stay at home and book a telephone consultation with your doctor for advice.


All patients booking at CCMC will be asked about possible COVID symptoms.  Please be honest when answering our questions.  We are not trying to stop anyone from seeing their doctor.  We are trying to reduce the possibility of COVID being transmitted to our patients and staff.  You will definitely be able to arrange a telephone consultation with your doctor and if the doctor needs to see you in person, we will arrange that for you, in a safe way.


Masks remain mandated in hospitals and other healthcare centres, we ask that all patients continue to wear masks, covering your nose and mouth, at all times in the clinic. This is for the protection of you, our staff, and, in particular, are immunocompromised patients attending the centre.

If you have tested positive for COVID, either with a PCR test or a RAT, you need to isolate for 7 days.  You must stay at home and do not leave for any reason. Please book a telephone consultation - the doctor can arrange a face to face consultation if it is deemed necessary. DO NOT COME INTO THE MEDICAL CENTRE!   For COVID information please see https://www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/coronavirus

Please do not risk your long-term health by postponing appointments with your GP.


Our staff have been extremely busy with telephone queries and sometimes unable to answer your phone calls in a timely manner. If possible, please book online and non-urgent queries can be emailed to admin@ccmc.net.au.  We try to respond to all emails within a few hours.

About Us


Welcome to Central City Medical Centre the only WAGPET accredited teaching practice in the Perth CBD. We pride ourselves on our ease of access and are open on Sundays and Public Holidays. We aim to be able to offer routine appointments on the day - you should be able to see your doctor when you are ill, not 2 weeks later.


We believe that being a GP is about more than dealing with disease. We would like to become your partner in enabling you to proactively invest in your health to invest in your future. We can help guide you in lifestyle decisions you need to be making for you and your family’s wellness and provide guidance in developing an individualised programme of health checks relevant for you at your stage in life.

Of course we also provide the full range of standard general practice care including treatment of acute and chronic conditions, preventative medicine, pap smears & colposcopic examinations, contraceptive implant insertion/removal, skin checks, antenatal & paediatric care, childhood immunizations, minor surgery, ECGs & stress tests, spirometry, audiometry, travel advice and vaccinations, and sexual health checks.

We also offer comprehensive corporate services including pre-employment medicals, Worker's Compensation case management, on site flu vaccine and skin check clinics.

As Central City Medical Centre is situated in the main Perth train station upper concourse there is ample available parking (we are actually underneath the Citiplace CCP carpark), we are well served by buses and, of course, trains.


Whilst we hope not to keep you waiting too long for your appointment our waiting room has a TV, a kids' play area and free WiFi.