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GPs specialise in general practice medicine, which means we care for many different health problems in all age groups including children.


It is important to have your own regular GP who knows you and your children, and who has access to your complete medical history. This will allow the GP to develop an understanding of your family's health needs so they can decide on the best treatment for you.


At CCMC we can:


  • provide immunisations

  • monitor your child's health and development

  • treat non-serious accidents (e.g. cuts that need stitches, minor bangs to the head)

  • talk about your personal concerns and stresses

  • make referrals to other service providers and support agencies

  • liaise with hospital staff to help manage your child's care after being in hospital.



There may be times when you or your GP want to get a second opinion from a specialist. Your GP can help you to choose where you may wish to go and the reason for the second opinion.

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