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Mental Health


Mental health problems are very common with 20% of Australian adults reporting mental health issues in the last National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing. 45% will develop a mental health problem at some time in their lives. The most common conditions seen are depression, anxiety and substance misuse disorder. Each day 6 Australians will commit suicide and a further 30 will attempt suicide. In the 25-44 age group, suicide is the leading cause of death.

People with mental illness are half as likely to get treatment as those with physical illnesses but treatment is available - medication and psychological therapies. Seeing a GP and discussing how you are feeling is an excellent first step to getting the treatment you need. GPs can diagnose you and, if necessary prescribe medication or refer you on to a psychologist. Your GP may put you on a Mental Health Plan which will then entitle you to a substantial Medicare rebate for up to 10 psychologist sessions.

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