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What are your billing arrangements?


We are a private billing practice and settlement of your account is required on the day of your consultation.Your receipt may then be submitted to a Medicare office for an instant refund of the Medicare rebate (into your bank account - Medicare no longer issue benefit cheques). Alternatively we are able to submit your claim to Medicare electronically through E-Claim, where your rebate will be credited to a Cheque or Savings account. Please advise reception when making payment for your appointment if you wish to do this.Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS. Where possible we will endeavour to inform you of any extra costs involved in your treatment or procedures, although this may not always be possible when referrals are made to other agencies such as pathology laboratories and specialists.

After hours includes Saturday Afternoons, Sundays, Public Holidays and Weekdays 7am-8am


Indicative fees:

After hours: After 12pm Saturday, all day Sundays and Public Holidays

Medicare Rebate for Telephone Consultations only available if been seen at the clinic in the last 12 months

Extra charges may apply for procedures, dressings etc

Laceration/removal fees include follow-up appointment for suture removal


As with all clinics, if you have tests performed (eg Pap Smear, Biopsy) you may receive a further bill fom the pathology lab. We send our samples to Clinipath who charge Medicare for the vast majority of tests. However, if you do not have Medicare then you will be liable for the full cost.


Can I have my results over the phone?


Results are confidential and cannot be given out by our administration team over the phone. You must book an appointment in order for us to give out the results of your test/s. You can however make a telephone appointment if you prefer. This is to ensure the accurate results are given to the right patient by a professional medical staff. We will contact you, usually by SMS, if a result needs following up but not routinely if the results are normal. Please see our results protocol for further information.


Do you have doctors who speak languages other than English?


We have doctors who speak Cantonese, Korean and Yoruba. However, if you require services using another language, we are able to provide a translator via telephone. Please advise reception when booking an appointment that this is required.


What are your surgery hours?


We are open from 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week, including public holidays (9am-6pm weekends & public holidays). Please note some doctors only work on certain days. We are the only Perth GP in the CBD open on Sundays and Public Holidays for routine and emergency appointments. Between 6pm – 8am when CCMC is closed, you can call 1300030030 for our after hours GP locum service.


Are there any female medical practitioners at the centre?


Yes, there are five female doctors at our medical centre. We also have female nurses available to assist our doctors.

What is the access like for patients with disabilities?


  • Disabled car parking is available at CPP Citiplace parking

  • There is a lift to the street level – Wellington Street - next to Trackside Bakery in the train station concourse

  • There is a wheelchair ramp for street access from Barrack Street

  • There are disabled toilets located next door at Central City Health Professionals

Am I able to provide feedback?


Yes. We value feedback from our patients. If you would like to make a comment or complaint regarding our services please request a feedback form from reception or email Complaints can be taken further to the local state complaints conciliation body, the Health & Disability Services Complaints Office on 08 9323-0600 or 1800 813 583.


How do you look after my information?


Your medical notes are confidential. They can only be accessed in the practice by clinicians for the purposes of your care. They are kept securely and will only be released to third parties, or yourself, with your signed consent. For further information see our Confidentiality page.


Can I telephone/email a doctor?


Existing patients may telephone for advice from their GP by calling the reception on the usual number.  It is best to book a telephone consultation for which the usual appointment fee applies (with a Medicare rebate for eligible patients).  If you have a quick question, please discuss with the reception staff who will determine if you need an appointment, or if this is something the reception-admin or nursing team can assist with. Most of our GPs will enter email correspondence with patients - our receptionists can let you know if your GP does. For email consultations there may be a charge for which there is currently no Medicare rebate.

How long do I need to fast for blood tests?


Some blood tests may require that you fast. The duration of fasting may vary but is generally 10-16 hours. Water is allowed and you should take routine medication.


Can I request my medical records?

Yes, we will ask you to complete a request form and to provide a copy of your photo ID to confirm that you are the patient. There is an administration fee for the release of medical records to yourself or another practice. Please ask our reception staff to provide you with the necessary paperwork.


When you book your first appointment we will send you this email with more information about your first visit to CCMC.

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