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Heart Checks


Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in Australia -  in 2017, one Australian died every 28 minutes.


The tragedy is that most heart disease can be prevented.

The risk factors for heart disease are hypertension (raised blood pressure), diabetes, smoking, obesity, other members of your family having had heart disease and physical inactivity. Most of these are "modifiable" i.e., they are caused by lifestyle choices that can be turned around by stopping smoking, eating healthily and exercizing.

Your GP can assess your risk of heart disease (and stroke) with a physical check and blood tests and may recommend further tests such as an ECG (heart tracing) or Stress ECG (heart tracing whilst on a treadmill). These can both be performed at CCMC. Referral on for further heart tests such as cardiac calcium score, stress echocardiogram, CT coronary angiogram or to a cardiologist may be needed for further evaluation.

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