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Prolonged Health Checks

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Health Assessments at CCMC Perth Medical Centre

We would like to advise that we are now offering Prolonged Health Assessments at CCMC

The assessment will give you an understanding of your current health, can help to set up treatment plans for any existing health conditions, and will also help indicate on which areas of your health or lifestyle that you need to improve.

At the end of the assessment your GP will compile their findings and recommendations into a 10+ page report for you to keep, as well as providing you with any referrals to do additional testing or see to specialists.

Included in this assessment is:

  • Body measurements taken – height, weight, BP, pulse etc

  • Pathology blood test including levels of cholesterol, diabetes, liver, kidney disease, prostate cancer

  • Hearing assessment

  • Vision assessment

  • Lung function assessment

  • Skin check

  • Lifestyle assessment – mental health, family medical history, current lifestyle

  • Resting ECG or Exercise stress test

  • 60 minute doctor appointment to review the above and discuss any additional areas of concern you may have

This assessment is completely covered by Medicare for patients aged between 45-49 years old, and patients 70 years and older.

It will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete. Due to the length of the booking and the amount of testing involved, we require 3 weeks’ notice to book these in.

If you’re interested in booking a Health Assessment at Central City Medical Centre, please contact our bookings team now on 9225 1188 or email us at

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